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Heartland Forest: FSC Certified



Heartland Forest offers Northwest Forest Stewardship Council Certified Red Alder and Douglas Fir sourced directly from a family owned and managed forest on the Southern Oregon Coast.  All our wood is cut to any dimension to meet exact client specifications.

Red Alder: Alnus rubra is a bright hardwood and an important Pacific Northwest species. 

27 Video Alder Slab Table


Red Alder is excellent for interior construction.  It has close grain, it's easy to work with and it readily accepts stain.  Red Alder can imitate cherry, mahogany and walnut, and at a fraction of the cost.  It is often used in cabinets, doors and furniture.

All our alder is professionally kiln dried unless otherwise requested.


Video: Alder Slab Table

Red Alder is also an important early seral species that banks Carbon and fixes Nitrogen in the soil.  Red Alder encourages healthy climax populations of Douglas Fir, Big Leaf Maple, Hemlock and Cedar.

Heartland Forest is managed for mixed species, including Red Alder, to promote long-term forest and soil health. 





20 Natural Forest to the Left                                 





















Mixed Species with Red Alder              vs.      Doug Fir Monoculture











Douglas Fir: Pseudotsuga menziesii is the state tree of Oregon and the perfect structural wood.

Douglas Fir is the construction industry's most important wood.  It has an incredible strenghth to weight ration, it seasons well in position, and it is dimensionally stable.  Heartland Forest's high-quality, special dimension Douglas Fir is ideal (and affordably priced) for kit and finish-frame construction, custom trusses and over-size lumber. 












Forest Stewardship Council Certification

Certification Code                       License Number:
SA-FM/COC-001394                    FSC-C008225

Re-Issue Date            Expiry Date
January 7, 2010         January 6, 2015


We're Mobile!

- $80 / machine hour. Price includes offbearer.

- $50 mobilization/set-up fee. Mileage reimbursement @ state rate. 

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Phone: 541.348.2578