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Wild Rivers Timber


Northern Curry County, Oregon

Wild Rivers Timber Provides Tight-Grain Lumber —

The Kind You Can’t Buy In Building Supply Lumberyards

This superior lumber can be locally dried, planed, graded, and machine or hand-worked into paneling, flooring, molding — anything you might want — for your building or remodeling project. You can be assured all Wild Rivers Timber products come from family-owned forests that use Best Management Practices in everything they do.

From Massive Beams To Firewood —

Wild Rivers Timber Custom-Cuts For You

Cut-to-order beams, poles, firewood and a variety of fresh floral greenery for your Christmas wreaths, weddings, and special events are available from WRT. Call ahead to check seasonal availability and to place your order.

Meet Local Timbermen

Becker Ecoforestry

When you’re ready to work with a pioneering ecoforester who can teach you all about your forestland, call Jerry at Becker Ecoforestry. Jerry developed a detailed Forest Ecology Assessment that gives you the ecosystem-based facts you need to enhance the health of your investment.

Becker Ecoforestry writes NRCS compliant Forest Stewardship Plans. Their forest plans, stream restoration plans, and forest monitoring system, can guide you toward EQIP funding and forest certification. Becker Ecoforestry performs any traditional timber cruising and forest inventory/analysis work you may need, too.

From Teaching Trees Forest, a beautiful 20-acre hillslope alongside the Wild & Scenic Elk River, Jerry crafts hand-peeled poles and offers custom-cut Douglas fir, Red Alder and Oregon Myrtle lumber in any dimension. Jerry also designs/creates Ready-to-Grow Mushroom Logs, an extraordinary way to raise fresh gourmet food in your own backyard.

Contact Jerry: 541-366-1151


Heartland Forest

47 If you’re looking for FSC certified lumber, contact George Fleming at Heartland Forest. His family’s 285-acre forest and pastureland on Langlois Mountain — featuring Doug fir, alder, cedar, redwood, and spruce — exemplifies rainforest caregiving at its best.

George will also tow his portable Wood-Mizer sawmill and custom cut lumber right at your site.

Contact George: 541 348 2578

Hildebrand Ranches, LLC

48 To purchase high quality Port-Orford-cedar lumber, Doug fir, alder, Myrtlewood, call Steve Kalina at Hildebrand Ranches.

For more than a century, this family run business, located in Langlois, Oregon, has offered sales and purchases of cattle , hay, and timber. In addition, Hildebrand Ranches offers material sales, and licensed & bonded excavation and logging services.

Steve is locally renowned for state-of-the-art stream restoration work.

Contact Steve: 541 348 2571